Teaching a unit with historical fiction

Ancient Egypt tells a tale https://stephenjkimber.atavist.com/ancientegypthistory … Above is a link to a little unit of work I created to teach ancient history using historical narrative; specifically a short story called Little Hatshepsut. The story is available, along with 32 other stories (and brief historical notes on each story) via Amazon in the book hiSTORY, by Stephen Kimber. … Continue reading Teaching a unit with historical fiction

The immigrant’s love song 

2014 He had long, long fingers; suited, I decided, to playing classical piano. They danced a little nervously across his forehead, playing with a long curling tendril… Bah, what was I thinking… Get a grip, Rani Silva. It’s Tuesday 10:15 a.m. and you’re in a modern history tutorial supposedly learning about how changes to migration … Continue reading The immigrant’s love song 

A free story (for Year 7) from my History Short Story Book

ANCIENT GREECE: The Other Runner (The story) A little cloud of dust and a hubbub, boys calling to each other, the unmistakeable sounds of a school yard brawl. Diemeter wandered across, not so fast that the boys would notice him and call it off… And thus, a slight figure amongst older boys he’d hoped would … Continue reading A free story (for Year 7) from my History Short Story Book