A teacher reviews The Big Fat YES debate[s] – Book 1

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BNH2VV19 [ Year 8 Coordinator BSHS ] Marie K’s review of Big Fat YES debate[s] – Book 1 'I enjoyed the read; age appropriate language for years 5-8, entertaining and written like a conversation. I think the illustrations were appropriate for me but maybe could be simpler for yr 5/6 students (add colour???).  I am … Continue reading A teacher reviews The Big Fat YES debate[s] – Book 1

Vaccine mandates

In keeping with my occasional passion (note the oxymoron) for quick commentary on the current let us go to the idea of vaccine mandates and alleged government dictatorial behaviour or autocracy. I note that Austria may mandate restrictions for the unvaccinated depending on ICU case numbers. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/oct/23/austrian-chancellor-says-unvaccinated-may-face-restrictions-if-covid-cases-rise. This is the way the world is going; … Continue reading Vaccine mandates

Welcome to our mediaeval times

I’ll argue that in this early 21st century venality and appalling inequity is again (still) on general display, that institutions are both revered and detested, that pandemics dominate and fundamentally change our world, and that reason seems lost amid a sea of conspiracy theories, despite the best efforts of some authorities. As Julia Hurst and Zoe Laidlaw observed recently, ‘…identity is rooted in history, and so history cannot be escaped.’