The poor – deserving or not?

I actually challenge the ideological underpinnings of jobseeker - it is not fit for purpose, as you point out, because people do get trapped on it. And they are trapped not because they are lazy or because they don't want to work but because a range of circumstances and systemic issues prohibit their participation in the 'job market'. And yes, there probably are a few - a very few - genuine dole bludgers out there BUT THEY ARE A RARITY. I'd prefer an end to welfare payments and the catalogue of obligations foisted on recipients being replaced by a universal basic [or living] wage. We'd all be better off (after a time)… and yes, the wealthy would need to pay a larger share [endless, if you like] of tax.

Regarding statistics, floods and the public nuisance that social media can be

The Guardian asks: "Are eastern Australia’s catastrophic floods really a one-in-1,000 year event? Describing a flood as a one-in-1,000-year event doesn’t mean we won’t see another one until the year 3000. Photograph: Bradley Richardson/Australian Defence Force/AFP/Getty Images Scientists say describing floods as ‘one-in-1,000-year’ events can mislead the public about the probability of such disasters recurring" On … Continue reading Regarding statistics, floods and the public nuisance that social media can be

Bad government 3

Good governments often provide things for people to help them live better lives, like education, health services, affordable houses, roads and public transport, stuff called infrastructure (which includes those roads and also electricity and such). The government does not charge a lot for people to have these things. Sometimes (and for some people) these services are free. Pizza, unfortunately, is not free to anyone...