When Geraldine Brooks writes about Tim Winton, you can hear the axes grind" — Interestingly, the article - written by an academic for a News service which takes its raison d'etre and journalistic practice from academia - is very disparaging of Brook's effort on Winton. I haven't read it to comment on the review's potential … Continue reading Hmnn?


The global problem? Wikipedia notes: ‘The Population Bomb [1968] is a book written by Stanford University Professor Paul R. Ehrlich and his wife, Anne Ehrlich.  It predicted worldwide famine due to overpopulation[i], as well as other major societal upheavals, and advocated immediate action to limit population growth. Fears of a "population explosion" existed in the … Continue reading Population

Sky and the sounding of Trumpian clarions

Political commentary Sky Australia’s RWNJ crew are arguing, just two days after the electoral blueblood bath that was Labor's (& a Greens/Teals') win, that the Liberal Party needs to shift even further to the right. (See this Guardian article.) My first thoughts are that we are indeed becoming more of an underpopulated America than ever. … Continue reading Sky and the sounding of Trumpian clarions

Planting the Anthropocene’s golden spike

An extract from an article Photo by Pixabay on Although there is a strong agreement among scientists that human activity has pushed the earth out of the stable patterns of the Holocene, debate is far from settled about whether this constitutes a new geological epoch and, if so, where to plant the golden spike … Continue reading Planting the Anthropocene’s golden spike

The bearable lightness of Social Medialessness

Doing away with not only white noise (with apologies to Milan Kundera) An extract... Way back in 2017 I read a Guardian article by Carole Cadwalladr. Cambridge Analytica was drawn to my attention. Cadwalladr wrote of a time in 2013 (still less than 10 years ago) when employees at Cambridge described the now infamous entity … Continue reading The bearable lightness of Social Medialessness