Teaching a unit with historical fiction

Ancient Egypt tells a tale https://stephenjkimber.atavist.com/ancientegypthistory … Above is a link to a little unit of work I created to teach ancient history using historical narrative; specifically a short story called Little Hatshepsut. The story is available, along with 32 other stories (and brief historical notes on each story) via Amazon in the book hiSTORY, by Stephen Kimber. … Continue reading Teaching a unit with historical fiction

Gapminder – what a great resource

Many an IDEAS FESTIVAL wants people to think about 'the way we think, eat, move, build, care, communicate and share information'. Gapminder.org is a phenomenally useful site and resource, particularly for Years 9- 12, though with opportunities to be employed even in the upper primary Years. Gapminder's primary focus is on using statistics to explore developmental … Continue reading Gapminder – what a great resource

Book Drum – Great for the new Australian curriculum in English

Within the new National Curriculum for English, the opening sentence beneath the heading - Year 9 Achievement Standard - is: "By the end of Year 9 students listen to, read and view a range of spoken, written and multimodal texts, recognising how events, situations and people can be represented from different perspectives, and identifying stated and implied meaning in texts." Book Drum (www.bookdrum.com) … Continue reading Book Drum – Great for the new Australian curriculum in English