Foreword from a draft non fiction text

A photo of a firefighter in the fassifern area of SE Qld. Photo is property of fassifern Guardian.
Photo is from 8th January publication of Fassifern Guardian

The fossil fooled

I began to write this book on the first of January 2020, hoping this will be a year and decade of better vision than we have shown so far (forgive the pun).

As I write, much of Australia burns. This fire season began in August 2019, some say July. The fires are unprecedented. Most people are convinced that this fire regime is undoubtedly related to climate change, as is what may be our worst ever drought since European occupation (invasion) in 1788.

At the time of writing this foreword, our government does nothing effective about the root cause of our climate problems and little effective in terms of managing and fighting the fires. (One could write a book about the Morrison government ineptness in this time of natural disaster – I won’t.)

This book addresses a perspective on not only this sequence of natural disasters in Australia but on natural and human disaster related to climate change.  The reality is that we are all complicit in this catastrophic era, at least indirectly, some of us, I will argue, more directly. There are some who have known that fossil fuels are a dangerous energy source for a long time and there are those in government who have aided and abetted the men (they are probably mostly men) who have known and chosen to do nothing but we are, most of us, complicit. We are the fossil fooled.


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