I was recently told about Scrivener* as a writing program which is particularly suited to longer works because it can organise all your notes and research and drafts in one place and allow you to work with split screens. I’ve only had it less than 48 hours and must admit to being most pleased. I’ve fiddled (successfully) with a longer non fiction work entitled The beguiling sins of industrial capitalism (about 35,000 words) and managed to get it organised & compiled within a couple of hours as an ePub file. (The compiling into an ePub file took less than a minute, once I’d organised the Scrivener file sections.) I also generated the opening draft of a short story (heavily reliant on character notes based on real figures and on research notes)… so it does work quite well for shorter works. 

I bought it pretty much straight away but you can download a trial version and use it for a month, I think. It’s very much worth a look…

*Rider; no prose or sense of ethics has been knowingly harmed in the naming of this programme; this is an unpaid endorsement. 

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