Films featuring cartoon characters and perceptions regarding terrorism

Watching Iron Man 3 last night prompted these idle meanderings re the nature of the psychology of terrorism. Iron Man 3, by the way, seems the best of the Iron Man films… so far. I say so far because I suspect that, as the credits at the end said, Tony Stark will be back. Stark desire for money, stark desire to see how long we can spin this out, stark desire to keep the audience in their seat until the last credit has expired into darkness.

Still. I liked the film and I liked most its treatment of the US phobia re characters who look like Bin Laden, the psychology of terror, the use of media to manipulate a so-easily-manipulated public. Ben Kingsley’s manufactured terrorist was a character and thematic treat and I feel the screen play meant to make us think about how we perceive terrorism and terrorists. Perhaps being a cartoon-inspired film allowed this film a gentle chiding of America’s preoccupation with certain perceptions of terrorism.

After all, who takes cartoons seriously.

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